About Us

Raising with lots of love

About Us


We are a small family operated cattery for Scottish Fold/ Scottish Straight breed, located in Omaha NE.
We are CFA certified.
Moty Dom was established in 2022. We have many years of experience having Scottish Fold
cat. More then 15 years, apart of our family their was an amazing Scottish Fold by the name of Matilda. We where blessed and jovial of her characteristics and personality. Her intelligence was unique from the other cats we had. 
We are selecting our cats from champion bloodlines.
All our cats come from European breed-winning lines. Our lovely cats aren’t just pets for us,
rather they are members of our family. They receive plenty of attention and are fully socialized
with our children.
We are striving to breed healthy, friendly, and very intelligent kittens that will be the best
companions for you and your family.

Being healthy means being happy

Strong health is a top priority for our cattery. All our breeding cats are genetically tested.
Our cats came fully vaccinated, microchipped and CFA and/or WCF registered. Our strategy is
to breed not only adorable cats but also try to raise them up extremely healthy and happy for
your family for many years.

Happy companion

Scottish Fold isn’t only adorable and cute, but this breed is family-friendly and gets along well
with kids and other pets. Very patient and gentle, they will be happy to enjoy your company. If
you are looking for a cat that likes to converse, please consider our kittens.

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