• Why are Scottish Fold cats great?

The Scottish Fold cat differs from other cats due to its light, patient manner. These cats are intelligent and are forgiving. They absolutely love children, so in that case they will live  well in a big family. 

  • What is the personality of Scottish cats?

Scottish Fold cats go well for the role of a family pet. Even if needed to, they will suit well with a single person. They are very kind, calm, and at playtime they will be the most active and they have a balanced personality. They have a positive manner when it comes to playing with children, something other breeds sometimes don’t have.

  • How many times a day do you need to feed Scottish Fold cats? 

The feeding of an animal needs to be set at the same time each day, so its better to be held at this schedule: kittens at the age of 3 months- fed 5-6 times a day, 3-6 months- fed 4-5 times a day, after 6 months- fed 3 times a day, after 8 months- fed 2 times a day. It is not recommended to combine natural foods with cat food. It is better to feed them with natural food (if wanted) separately. 

  • How much should a Scottish Fold cat weigh?

Female cats should weigh 3-5 kg-6-11 pounds. Males average about 4-5 kg-8-11 pounds. However some cats weight about 6-7 kg-13-15 pounds, which is seen as normal. Sometimes cats stop growing at 8 months, but every cat is different so they might stop growing till a year.

  • What do Scottish Fold cats hate?

A lot of Scottish Fold cats do not like: when they are being actively bothered, and getting picked up a lot, however many love huge attention, and will lay on your lap. Mostly all cats don’t have a problem with cuddles, and pets. Being chased, loud sounds and forcing them to be in a certain room, will lead them to be hidden somewhere, or run away from the person who does these things to them.

  • What do Scottish Fold cats love?

A lot of Scottish Fold cats like: being in the center of attention or even just being near society (the family in the house) is something some Scottish cats enjoy. They also love sleeping in a tight space. (boxes, beds, etc.) When they’re not sleeping they might enjoy some friendly pets from the owner, or maybe some playing if in the mood.

  • What are some foods you can’t feed your pet?

Scottish Fold cats should not be fed sweet and fatty foods, salty and spicy food. It is recommended to cancel out milk in the meal of Scottish cats, and with caution give them some milky foods.

  • Can Scottish cats consume raw meat?

Raw meat, ever so is not recommended for kittens, and old cats, their immune systems may be too slow and weak for it, rather than healthy, grown cats. Some bacteria and parasites don’t have showing symptoms, so they can be carriers of it, and may give it to people.

  • At what age do you sterilize cats?

In terms of accuracy, the vet suggests to sterilize them at the age of 7-8 months. If done earlier (4-5 months) it may lead to deficiency in growth, due to the fact that it was done while they were still growing.

  • On average how long do Scottish Fold cats live?

15 years

The average life expectancy of Scottish Fold cats is 15 years. However a good amount of theses cats live up to 20 years. The record to the longest living Scottish Fold, was from Texas-Lucy, lived a bit over 32 years.

  • How do Scottish Fold cats adapt to loneliness?

Scottish cats- people loving. They get tied up to the whole family, but in total, they have the strongest bond with one person. They give up most of their time and attention to that person. This moment may become a problem if this person has to travel somewhere, and quiet often- these cats do horrible alone.

  • Why such a price?

We dedicate our time, giving the mothers the best quality treatment they can have, and their so beloved kittens. Spending lots of effort at births, so all the kittens were healthy and well contained is a very complicated, and long process. As well as keeping them all people-loving and playful comes with time and effort. We selected our cats for breeding programs from champion bloodlines and  they are completley genetically tested. All our pedigreed cats came from catteries that are certified. This means that our kittens are absolutlety gentically healthy, and will bring only joy for the owners.  In short answer, time, effort and health guarante.

  • How often should Scottish kittens/cats play?

In terms of when they should play, it really depends on when they wake up, getting well fed, then they will be ready for playing. They could be the ones asking to play, or the owner/s can slowly get the furry friend into play. Playing shouldn’t be ignored in the schedule and done regularly, due to fact that most of their time they sleep, and eat food, so the only activity they pretty much get in burning fat is playing. In order to keep Scottish Fold cats engaged in playing even in their adulthood, only happens after time and should be a routine to keep in.

  • Where did our Scottish Fold cats come from?

After losing our beloved Scottish Fold cat a couple years ago, we couldn’t stop thinking about her and her personality. We decided to start our small Cattery, and got one female and male cat from Europe, the city Saint Petersburg. Afterwards, in the growth of our business and the love towards the breed, we decided to keep our cat numbers growing.

  • How many toys and beds should this breed have?

There shouldn’t be a real number of items one cat should have. Though that might be true, Scottish Fold cats are very humble and are happy with the amount of toys they are given, but the more they have, the more their play engages and their mind works on how the toy works. This breed is happy with even one bed/cat tree they have, due to the fact that they just enjoy tight spaces where they could cuddle, and warm up. But again, their shouldn’t be a limit to the amount of toys/cat trees cats have, it should be the owners decision, because they are the ones that know their cat best.