Scottish Fold Longhair Girl


Breed: Scottish Fold Longhair
Color: Shaded Silver
SFL71 ns11 64 

Fully pedigreed CFA and WCF (World Cat Federation) registration Prestigious International Show heritage (WCF)International vet passport/ Microchip

Isabella is the most active and sweetest cat in the house. She really enjoys play, at first sight of a toy and never gets tired even though she jumps around the house all day. At the end of the day, she will enjoy to currle up  and snuggle with her owner, and will make sure that pets are being recieved oftenly. Her beautiful green eyes go well with her long, silver coat. She looks like a tiny squirrel when she runs around, with her short, furry paws.

Isabella’s Licences


Isabella’s Past Kittens

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